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Hi all.

As some of you all know,one of our s.admins decided to retire and give up his s.admin post.
Alpha^ | AngeL will leave us to do something else in his life.

But we will also add 4 new s.admins this week to to replace.
So give a warm welcome to:

[ BuHu-nyx ]
~~~~ GUN XP RESTART ~~~~
Hi all.

Tonight we restarted XP in Gun XP server and as usual top3 will get free VIP for a month.

Good luck To everyone and have fun!
* * * - HAPPY NEW YEAR - * * *
*** 6 amenus ***
Hi everyone! Hope you all have had a nice and warm christmas holiday.

Today admins will get a late christmas gift! We made it possible for admins to use 6 amenus instead of 4. So don't use over 6 amenus otherwise you will get warned.

We also added 5 maps to ZMI Plague server and 5 maps to Gun XP server.
Maps to ZP: zm_deko_csf, zm_trakinax_turbo, zm_killduster_2, zm_toxic_ice_attack, zm_electro_dust_v1

Maps to Gun XP: zm_ice_attack3, zm_murder_house, zm_dust2_2x2, zm_killdust2, zm_gunbarinano_ns

Hope you all like these new changes!
Happy new year!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!
Hello everybody!

We from FGS.LT want to wish you all players, admins, superadmins and headadmins a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We have added Santa hats and snow in server and we also wanted to give everyone free multijump for this holiday.

May you all get nice presents and have a good meal this evening!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Rank restart and new Superadmins
Hi guys!
Today we will reset ranksystem in zmi plague server and top3 gets free VIP for a month. And we also added Santa hats to increse the feeling of christmas time wich is coming up :)

Here is photo of top15:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Also, we added 5 new superadmins:
HunTer | ~ -=Bingo=-
candy (other nick AngeL)
OuT # Zaidejas
OuT # Pilnavertis
HunTer | ~ `BL[a]Ck_DR[a]GoN^

We will leave 5 new superadmins for now and wish them good luck and welcome!

Gun XP will not be restarted today, but we would also like to know if you all think it is a good idea to reset GunXP ammo and xp 1st January or wait another 1 or 2 months.

So we will have a vote now.
Do you want XP reset:

1. Restart it 1st January
2. Wait 2 more months
Autorecorder for GunXP
Hi all!

Today we activated an autorecording device to Gun XP server.
This thing records your demos automatically and restores them into your cstrike folder.
In this way, if you get a wrong ban or wrong warning or just want to report an abuser/cheater you can just post the demo in this website for easiest way to get an superadmin to watch the demo. You can find the demo by the name of [] in the cstrike folder.

We also increased admins ability to ban from 30 minutes to 120 minutes. But be reasonable with your bans and look in rules list if you are unsure of Server rules.

Leave a comment down here if you have any questions or if you find any difficulties with the new autorecorder.

- Superadmin contest -

We will be looking for 3 new superadmims next month.
So we need some good peoples names down here.

Leave in comments who you think would be good superadmin and why that person would be good.

Need to have played long in server and high online time with good knowledge of rules, must respect all others and always have a friendly mind. If you are active in this forum aswell then thats a big bonus.
We will select new superadmins by the beginning of December.

Superadmin contest has ended because of everyone voting for themselves. We will give this a new try next week.
- New level for Gun XP & new gun for ZMI Plague -
Hi all!

Today we added a new level for Gun XP server. Level 34 will be Texas Chainsaw.

We also added a new weapon for Zombie Plague server, new weapon is Golden Deagle, real short, its Golden and makes 3x more damage than the ordinary deagle and has a zoom-in on it, you can find the new weapon in the shopmenu for 15 ammopacks and it lasts for 1 round.

In addition to all of this, we also added 4 new superadmins for our servers:

HunTer | ~ Hello*[F]rick

We will leave 4 superadmins so far and wish them good luck.
Hope you all are happy with these add ons and news.

Superadmin replacements
Hi all.

Because of some inactivity and got 3 strikes respectively, we have decided to replace our two superadmins
Fsychii and Sherlock Holmes with 3 new superadmins wich we know will make alot of good players in Gun XP server very happy.

So lets say welcome and congratulations to ;

and ~A~D~A~I~*

Hope you are happy with these superadmin choices (:
** Updated Rules List **
Hi all!
We have now updated rules list for Gun XP server as many had requested for.
You can read the complete rules list by clicking this link:

** Updated Server rules **

1. Bunny hop is allowed, but bunny hop-script is not. If you don’t know the difference ask a Superadmin.
2. "Bot" is not insulting, but if you keep saying it many times to someone in a negative way its not allowed, then it will result in a ban.
3. Climbing in tunnels or through the force shield with alien class is a skill, untill you don't hide your head.
Alien bug is when you hide your head in tunnel. Otherwise slay.
4. Free achievements are not allowed otherwise ban and levels/xp reset to 0. (1 day = 1440 minutes)
5. Don't abuse the "amx_votemap" command, let the server do it. Otherwise, a warning.
6. Can't respawn as a zombie when sniper vs assassin mode is on. Otherwise slay.
7. Do NOT spam the @admin chat with unnecessery comments and talking about stuff that has nothing with the server to do, use the normal chat to talk with other players. Otherwise superadmins will ban you 15 minutes.

* When buying ADMIN / VIP / you agree to these rules. Ignorance does not exempt from liability.*

These are still new rules, so if you see anything strange about it or if you have any questions about these rules, then leave a comment and we will try to help you.

// Phuket [Yoda]
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24/04/2014 02:16
smiley smiley smiley smiley :*

24/04/2014 02:15
i want bazooka smiley

24/04/2014 01:45
smiley copy ? lel no is copy ,It's not my fault. you have the same name as the clan

Darkness DragonY
24/04/2014 01:35
17:00 gun xp had 3 players: google, shogun and me...01:00 night, 7 players lel

Darkness DragonY
24/04/2014 01:34
Call him maravilla...its annoying when i see darkness word, that clan is copy of my nickname!

24/04/2014 00:53
rasoun blocker. and creat post i am upload demo smiley

24/04/2014 00:48
??? its corectly suspend admin..... like me suspend 2 time

24/04/2014 00:47
Darknes slay maravila gave me no reason: I was the last and said let's give you nothing slay Arnold: IGO take what???

23/04/2014 23:54
Nikito got his warn.

23/04/2014 23:41
[AMXBANS] =========================
====================== [AMXBANS] Banned by admin SufWay | nikiTO [AMXBANS] You can complain regarding your ban @ [AMXBANS] Reason: 'Wallhack +

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