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-- NEW MAPS --
~Zombie Plague~ 24/7
Hello [FGS.LT] Members,
As Summer Vacations are near, we have managed to provide you all to enjoy some new maps instead of playing all old same maps again and again.

New maps added to ~Zombie Plague~ 24/7 are:
zm_franqeeto_final, zm_2day, zm_dust_banzuke, zm_2010, zm_dustx2, zm_fun, zm_pis2, zm_gold_dust_vipee, zm_klimax_v2, zm_zhell, zm_cross, zm_ice_attack_vip, zm_evil-night, zm_dust_world, zm_cobra, zm_foda

We have removed some maps and will like to have your suggestion about our servers
Kindly share your suggestions in comments.

The [FGS.LT] Team
GentiG on May 14 2015 19:30:12
good maps I played most of them but what about zm_2012
GentiG on May 14 2015 19:34:46
zm_smackdown is good too smiley
Prodigy on May 14 2015 20:00:36
Evil night,foda ,cross,zhell,amazing !!
Prinardziau on May 14 2015 20:26:52
Thats awesome!
BeaN on May 14 2015 20:50:03
Finally.. nice work
buffaLo on May 14 2015 20:51:03
Great maps I know most of them. Im glad to se zm_2010 added in server smiley
buffaLo on May 14 2015 20:52:19
Bring back zm_dust2_remake Gret map too
Sahir on May 14 2015 21:05:16
Good job man
-ViCtOrY- on May 14 2015 21:07:55
Nice to see something good happening to servers finally after a long time
RaioFM on May 14 2015 21:16:12
nice smiley
Lacrim on May 14 2015 21:24:26
zm_dust_world doesn't work.
Lacrim on May 14 2015 21:30:47
zm_cobra doesn't work.
Isaac on May 14 2015 21:38:43
good job but doesnt work smiley and death shadow can you check your skype ?
buffaLo on May 14 2015 21:46:38
Can we nominate new maps or s.admins must change them ?
HI-TEC on May 14 2015 22:45:58
@death_shadow You are a very good man. Thanks so much for new maps! At last something new for server. Next step: delete nomination option and delete vote for maps option, so we can play everytime new and random maps smiley Again good work realy appreciated.

P.S. If you cant do this "Next step: delete nomination option and delete vote for maps option, so we can play everytime new and random maps". At least put newly added maps to nomintation list so that players could nominate new maps.
buffaLo on May 14 2015 22:52:51
Ye TEC has right put in nominate list new maps , so we can nominate cuz s.admins cant be online all day just to change maps smiley
Prodigy on May 14 2015 23:03:42
The new maps ARE in nominate list,I nominated 2 of them when I was in server
buffaLo on May 14 2015 23:04:45
That's cool then see you guys at weekend smiley
death_shadow on May 15 2015 00:25:16
They are in nom list you can check there by typing "nom zm" or map full name (:
TheDark on May 15 2015 00:33:49
Okay, gonna hate this server now -.- that map is overpoweted for humans, it has extra huge shitty tunnels. Vip/admin will be able to go up while normal player won't be. Some maps are good, but some maps are shitty.
Still, keep upgrading zp server. Gun XP has 32/32 players whole day, no need to upgrade it.
TheDark on May 15 2015 00:35:38
I have opened dozens of long threads where you can see what Gun XP server needs.
If someone gonna give a f*ck for that, then i will post links.
death_shadow on May 15 2015 00:40:13
@TheDark Lets see if they gets disliked by players or starts lagging there is a removing option (:
HI-TEC on May 15 2015 00:42:31
@death_shadow My bad i was reading comments and thought it's not in the list, did not actually tried to nominate myself smiley. If its in the list good then smiley
death_shadow on May 15 2015 00:43:26
@TheDark yet i only have access limited to zombie plague server as soon as i get my access to GunXP server i will work on it too. Its easy to say but it isnt easy to work We need appreciation instead of non-serious complains Thanks (:
HI-TEC on May 15 2015 00:44:38
The dark is only angry because gunxp is not pupular anymore. And no one play it nowadays.
RaioFM on May 15 2015 04:04:57
Ahh hitec why you say smth like this when you never tested it . gunxp is a very nice server and i know cuz i play it thar exist enough players they would play it. But like dark said they are pissed off on many problems . the new lvl system isnt good , the server is lagging hard , and i can say you more problems like this but why should i? You wont care it , so i dont need you to explain every little problem what gunxp has. But i wish that you would show a little bit more respect to the gunxp players cuz they have thier topics . any way thx i dont need an answer
Starset on May 15 2015 07:26:34
Finally new maps smiley nice job @death_shadow
I hope they wont have bug
LeD on May 15 2015 10:11:29
Scorpion_ on May 15 2015 15:18:43
Good Job smiley

zm_foda and zm_2day are very good maps !
HI-TEC on May 15 2015 17:43:37
@Raio FM Look what death_shadow wrote (some maps have problems). I hate ignorant people like you so much, because you talk you don't know. 1) I played this gunxp myself couple of months, so i know about this server (personally, it's not my kind of server, but i don't hate it). 2) I'm not saying this server is bad or anything, what i'm saying is that this server is unpopular and everyone bored because no one play it and server is empty.
RaioFM on May 15 2015 18:11:12
Hi-Tec simply forget it .., ok forget it ... pff then im ignorant, selfish, idiot, what ever. Then im alone with my mind, then im here the biggest noob, then im here the biggest kid. then im here a big newbie who dont knows anything, im tiered of this shit read simply what i wrote, you wrote to dark and im with the same meaning like dark . such minding like yours make me sad....
maybe i do the same like igo...
I had the hope that i can help and try to change a little bit.
But i was simply wrong nothing will change , Nobody has respect to anyone im simply tiered.
TheDark on May 15 2015 18:59:49
@death_shadow okay, sorry for rush...
Hi-tec dude and why the server is unpopluar?
read prodigys post in some of current threads...she explained everything. This server was whole day with at least 25 players, even more. I agree with Raio, and with prod. This server has potencial to be best server, and currently, its still best XP server in the world.
If you compare the server in 2013 with this year, you would see....That it was best and funny. Changes made it shit. Never mind, I will try those maps when I can, some of them are good, such as franquento, zhell and cross. Forget gun xp, this isnt place to talk about it.
Renixxx on May 15 2015 21:23:26
FINALY !!! i started to get bored from the same maps we playing every day !! -_- thank you who ever added these new map !! smiley
Prodigy on May 15 2015 21:31:18
Now gently remove zm_cobra since 95% of server's players can't join
TheDark on May 15 2015 23:33:05
oh yeah..
@death shadow can you do these 3 things for zp please?
1. Make limit - 2 amenus per map, 1 amenu on yourself per map. If you make yourself fzm, you wont be able to make yourself again until next map. and 2 amenus are allowed per admin on 1 map.
2. fix chainsaw - You don't get 1 ammo per 777dmg with chainsaw, thats bad. you can't earn ammos with it....
3. NEM/SURV mode on 6 rounds - its boring, every damn 4th round is nem round, in 99% all who bought bazookas, lose them, because nem is damn owerpowered. So, modes on 6 rounds + 2 amenus per map would be advantage, and server can benefit from it.
@death, thanks for your attention (:
buffaLo on May 15 2015 23:42:55
@TheDark plz talk about gunXp Zp is good dont need to change amenus we can use 6 per round if we want just make Nem/SURV mode on 6 rounds nothing else and fix lag
TheDark on May 16 2015 21:37:37
yeah each round damn fzm, 4k hp, multi jump and bunnyhop. when u finally get time to buy bazooka - nem round! I don't know am I only one who find that extremely boring and annoying...
Prinardziau on May 16 2015 23:11:30
Stop fighting guys and just enjoy real-life, while both servers have problems and while DeathShadow, hasn't got access for servers. Lets just enjoy it and don't spend your free-time in silly comments. smiley
buffaLo on May 17 2015 01:47:51
We spend time in game not here smiley
Prinardziau on May 17 2015 10:39:31
BuHu-nyx on May 20 2015 01:36:53
i will kiss u ass if u bring back old cool zm_dust2
buffaLo on May 20 2015 10:30:02
Hahah buhu I will try to bring it back smiley
death_shadow on May 20 2015 18:17:23
Its in noms list buhu check it out :)
Revenger on May 20 2015 19:41:04
Omg death_shadow u added zm_2day_2
and not the real zm_2day
please add it it's really great map smiley
buffaLo on May 21 2015 22:07:09
new maps added but i still didnt play at least 1 of them smiley No one nominate and no one there to change
HI-TEC on May 21 2015 23:50:45
Like i said before. It would be really nice if death_shadow could ask JungleBoy to remove votemap and rtv options in the end of the map. This way we could play new wonderful maps everytime and not only 4-6 *favourite* maps all the time.
HI-TEC on May 21 2015 23:52:36
So server would randomly choose every map after 30 mins. The only question in the end of the map could be "Extend this map?" "yes" "no".
buffaLo on May 22 2015 00:39:57
If he does like this he must to delete all maps that are bad for play like "botaescape and maps where are lot of bugs"
RaioFM on May 22 2015 10:16:25
Why not hitec but then pls remove the s which you cant connect with steam too and then its perfect
Guns n roses on May 22 2015 23:15:21
Wow awesome De_dust2_remake is back smiley enjoy guys and have fun smiley
BuHu-nyx on May 24 2015 01:33:18
Dust2 added bast, whick ass i need kiss?D
death_shadow on May 27 2015 19:35:39
@Revenger zm_2day is also added and zm_2day_2, zm_dust2 and de_dust2_remake n some others maps are back to zombie plague 24/7

@To All... Now all the maps should be working in the server smiley
Revenger on May 27 2015 20:30:56
Ty really good job smiley
and zm_2day its really cool map we played today smiley
HI-TEC on May 28 2015 17:01:53
Good work death_shadow (y)
buffaLo on May 28 2015 20:52:45
For some maps still need to download some files smiley
HI-TEC on May 29 2015 19:44:48
@Death_Shadow please remove map zm_cobra, when we changed into this map everyround everyone dies and we cant play smiley there is like 2 respawn sports and everyone dies
PiKaChU R on June 18 2015 21:32:50
Yeah no add maps at gunxp same
buffaLo on August 04 2015 20:59:07
Only zm_foda it's most recent map form these new maps smiley
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21/06/2017 09:26
hello smiley

19/06/2017 21:10
hello guys x)

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General info Game: Counter Strike 1.6 Mod : Zombie mod Name: Zm Jōkėrs Fćmļly [VIP+FastDll+BestShopMenu
] Online : Yes IP address:

11/06/2017 10:40
new server ip zm

09/06/2017 07:56 my new bho server smiley

08/06/2017 10:07
Hn aaj aunga mkc

07/06/2017 21:37
Still Server Also Die smiley

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Oye bc Naman jldiii phr bots add krna maza ae ga smiley smiley

05/06/2017 16:21
See you all after 2 days guys..........

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