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Cross payment
NaujienosHi everyone,

how are you doing?

It has been long time since i wrote here. And today iam writing to let you know about new cross payment method.

As you know it was added before by some selfish persons who tried to steel money.

Now it is official, and your privileges will be activated instanlty after payment.

PS. We are experiencing DDoS attacks from those bad persons as a revange, so server is frequently going down for 10 minutes. Please be patient.

InvasioN on May 14 2016 00:27:35
Not working here..
BuHu-nyx on May 14 2016 00:30:11
aha ddos its sahir revenge D
JungleBOy on May 14 2016 00:31:13
Cross payment is active only in half countries yet. But will be activated in other countries soon.
L1m1 on May 14 2016 00:32:11
Bring Kosovo back faster u can smiley
JungleBOy on May 14 2016 00:34:19
Kosovo is available through cross payment.
Moumen on May 14 2016 00:35:44
That's good atleast, any news on gunxp?
Warn on May 14 2016 00:54:38
Still No problem for me i also Bought By sms cause cross have 1 problem u need Wait a lot of time for active 4h -8 h then its not easy smiley
RaioFM on May 14 2016 00:56:11
read again phoenix now cross payment doesnt have that timeliimit
Warn on May 14 2016 00:58:26
Now SMS contry Morroco deleted Why ?
ciubis on May 14 2016 00:59:26
Morocco is there in Cross Payment
Prodigy on May 14 2016 11:16:48
Your server was being ddosed because of the cheap host ***
LeD on May 14 2016 12:19:58
Add surf server smiley
GentiG on May 14 2016 13:01:57
5 eu - 1 month smiley
Sexy on May 14 2016 13:11:11
India is not there add it pls smiley
LinkinPark Soldier on May 14 2016 15:53:18
sahir isn't ddosing anyone you nub buhu , he got a life than stucking with this dead forum, go get a life like him you freaky lifeless 40 years old fool who lives with his mother,,,,,,, also thx jungle thou
TheDark on May 14 2016 17:06:14
Thanks, b0y.
We're not so well here. We've been waiting long time for updates.
Will you update these two servers, please? Contact me for list of ideas that needs to be done for improving Gun Xp.
For Classic 24/7, we (superadmins) will try our best to make ideas of improvement.

Thank you smiley
BuHu-nyx on May 14 2016 18:50:34
aha light is sahirs secretaryputka D
Ham0za on May 14 2016 20:20:44
pls add cross or sms at iraq
LinkinPark Soldier on May 14 2016 23:03:50
I know sahir you little scrub buhu DD he won't spend his time ddosing this empty server which has you only playing , you lifeless 40 years old dummy DD
REDMOON on May 14 2016 23:14:13
whoa! jungle posted something :D what about gun xp server?
InvasioN on May 14 2016 23:24:41
Will see what we can do for gunxp. Hope we can bring the golden days back <3
Arma on May 15 2016 04:43:53
You are dalbajob when you give power to Nigthamare , you want just money , don't care about server , money change peoples nothing more.
TheDark on May 15 2016 15:01:06
I was also saying in plural, INV. Shit happened.
It's only on Jungle if he is willing and wants to help us.
If he wants, job done, gun xp wil be improved easily and fast.
If he doesn't want, then I have nothing to do here anymore. Find a new superadmin.
IceMaN on May 16 2016 17:01:32
me love jungle <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
JungleBOy on May 17 2016 22:17:55
A lot of countries have been added to cross payment.
Ham0za on May 17 2016 22:36:05
Pls pro add SMS for Iraq jungle
-Fearsome- on May 18 2016 16:33:23
HeLLo ALl Who Buy Admin FoooR Me Pllllllllllllllllllls :'(
-Fearsome- on May 18 2016 16:34:16
Boy Admin For Me
Tiny on May 19 2016 14:48:09
Jungle whoever is ddosing or crashing servers he's pointlessly wasting his time crashing empty servers smiley
skrillexX on May 20 2016 19:43:44
Jungle,Please activate the option to buy admin for Brazil.
Sexy on May 24 2016 07:33:41
Go add India then I have more than 36 players for buy admin
buffaLo on May 25 2016 22:19:27
Ooo you are soo rich ???
shooter on June 07 2016 01:27:47
What"s about pakistan
Tiny on June 14 2016 19:43:51
Shut up jungle we know all you want is money
IceMaN on June 16 2016 19:52:06
He is a good person, he donate all money to charity.
Tiny on July 21 2016 08:20:24
Oh sorry jungleb0y and iceman but we have waited for 6 months and now summer vacations we want updates or at least make a fewer changes leave big updates to next year maybe pls we waited long enough...
MooN on September 19 2016 13:53:19
Add India Country for Buy ADmin/Vip
Prodigy on January 03 2017 22:07:05
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11/06/2017 10:40
new server ip zm

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07/06/2017 21:37
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06/06/2017 14:55
Oye bc Naman jldiii phr bots add krna maza ae ga smiley smiley

05/06/2017 16:21
See you all after 2 days guys..........

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