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New Updates!
Hello everyone,

Just wanted to tell you all that we are updating the server and our dear JungleBoy will need your suggestions about what you wish to see in our servers.
So comment down below what you think will suit etc and if you want our old server GUNEXP back.

Also, we recently deleted all the bans and ranks were reseted.

Thank You and Have Fun.
InvasioN on January 18 2017 12:24:32
Suggestions :-
messifan on January 18 2017 12:30:06
Limit FPS to 60 max, return the old ranking system + top15 should get free 3x jump like it always was.
messifan on January 18 2017 12:31:00
also remove everyone's super admin powers, almost all of them abuse them.
messifan on January 18 2017 12:39:58
and add anti-cheat plugin... you can afford it
IceMaN on January 18 2017 13:29:22
Add more extra itema, new plugins, maybe some zm classes, or human skins, new maps, give one of the super admins more privilages and add gunxp back, but first version of it.
TheDark on January 18 2017 15:37:07
Bring back our old Gun Xp server.
If you need any info about it (How much xp required for levels, how much ammo extra items costed, info about zm classes, achievements, etc...) feel free to PM me.
About zp, you should definately limit fps to 80-100. Then, admins should be allowed to use ONLY 1 amenu on themselves per map (Like on Gun Xp), so they can't abuse "first zombie" mode. Chainsaw should cost 20 ammos, or it should make 1 ammo per 777dmg as with any other weapon.
Swarm and plague mode should have less percentage to happen (Almost every 2nd round is plague/swarm).
Update the list of superadmins - keep only active superadmins.
*Optional* Make new messages and infos - If you for example, write "/admins", it will tell you "Contact our head admins: shadow_death8, alphaphuket1". It should be a little bit updated. No more messages such as "Try out our new servers GunGame(which doesn't exist).

But personally, the most important thing that should be done is - Updating Gun Xp. It had 30 players almost whole day, lots of them found it better than zp, so if you do effort about Gun Xp, update it by my ideas (which were agreed from players), then you can only make more money.

Thanks for time.
Isaac on January 18 2017 15:37:22
New maps new skins new plugins also new Super Admins. I Think you should pick ''Mature'' Super admins Jungle. Because someones power maniacs.
Prodigy on January 18 2017 20:14:11
1- new head admin or co-owner
2- fix airaccelerate
3-fps limit to 101?legit,not really important tho
limit amenus per map
2 amenus for map and only one for yourself
5-add a new option that can make a RANDOM player nemesis or survivor

like "start nemesis/survivor mode"
i'd recommend adding new items such as golden ak or m4a1 but these 5 things are more important now
about gun exp,once you add an active head admin[one of the old superadmins preferably] everything will be fixed
buffaLo on January 18 2017 21:31:01
Fps limit, bring back countires which where removed from payment list, fix that damn LAG
LeD on January 18 2017 21:40:32
60 fps, active head or super admin that has more privleges
HIIBBII on January 20 2017 08:05:02
Hey everyone and JungleBoy my suggestion will be like this ;
1-Admins are already have many advantages , especially 3x jump.As an admin , I want that people who in the top15 should have 3x jump too,because that will make the game more fair and enjoyable.
2-Of course,parachute should be fixed.
3-The other thing I want from you is , admins should be warned because , most of them using the amenu for themselves.In each map they already always have like 50 60 frag in the scoreboard , okay they may play good but also they have many benefits coming from administration and still making First zm , Nem,Surv themselves.If you ask me what I think this seems like not so fair , Admins should care more about the normal players than themselves.(Doing Fzm,Nem,etc.)
4-The other thing is , there should be new SuperAdmins who can spend 6-10H a day for this server..I could be a candidate because, my life standards and my timeline is suitable for this.
5-I think giving the more amenu to the admins may cause more unfair game.6 is good enough.
6-The last thing that I want to talk is I dont know if you can fix the FPS but if you can do it for some maps like Deko2 you can make us more comfortable in the game.

Thanks a lot for your interest Jungle,

RaioFM on January 20 2017 09:24:48
1st Parashute will get fixed
2nd FPS Problem will get fixed by a plugin
means everyone will get a limit from FPS , soon nobody will be allowed to use like 200 fps or 150 fps , the reason why the server is laggy sometimes is cuz of many FPS abusers , image that some ppl play by 60-100 others by 150-300-500 that makes the game instability.
by installing the fps limit goes the server stable .
3rd step . Amenu that needs more time it's not easy to configurate it
4th . Step New superadmins , there will be soon a contest
Vycik on January 20 2017 11:18:06
Good luck. Hope jungle won't *** you like did to us before...
InvasioN on January 20 2017 13:08:53
There will be a superadmin contest soon.
buffaLo on January 20 2017 13:27:10
Once again - don't forget to bring countires back to payment list which got removed + can i apply for s.a again ?
TamTam on January 21 2017 00:52:58
-Zombie Plague 24/7 ZM[DM] <3
TamTam on January 21 2017 00:55:21
Gunxp for Noob+bots
Neo on January 21 2017 02:21:18
Messifan deserves to be a head admin of this server since he is here from the begging so give that man a chance to prove himself smiley
MooN on January 21 2017 14:01:41
A Player who want Admin Do Boost For Gunxp and give him admin
REDMOON on January 21 2017 14:24:13
it would be nice to have gunxp back again. would deff play
Russian DragooN on January 21 2017 14:45:32
I will play on gunxp again about 8 hours per day smiley))
LeD on January 21 2017 20:22:30
Would be nice to have gunxp also, I dont play a lot myself but I see many players wanting that server live and active.
BlazEw0w on January 21 2017 22:12:22
Top15 should get their Multi-Jump back, New maps, New skins would be nice but not recommended(Zombie skins should stay the same), Maybe new zombie menu? And also random Nemesis/Survivor so it's fair for everyone.

P.S: I am an old player. I hope some of you still remember me ! :3
BlazEw0w on January 21 2017 22:14:52
Also the reason why top15 should get multi-jump is giving people a reason to get there, and because they got there they should deserve a "reward" for their hard work you could say, this is the best way.
zorro on January 22 2017 00:59:26
Add Jordan back to the cross payment and recruit new super admins and head admins , max fps 100.
LeD on January 22 2017 17:12:17
What the *** did you do with zp?
Sexy on January 22 2017 20:34:10
Please jungle boy add some maps like foda and others , and change skin.
Sexy on January 22 2017 20:35:05
And add India because my friends want to buy admin
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