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Rank restart
Greetings to everyone with 2013 snake year!

New year new ranks!

Today server rank system was reseted and ammo save feature was disabled.

Good luck.
GunXP reset.

Do you want XP to be reseted on 1st of January?

Leave your opinion in comments.

ZP statistics

as you all may saw. Now server have new rank system.

It is specialy designed for zombie server. This system counts zomie kills, infections, survivor kills and so on.

You can check top players on website by clicking this link:

How do you like it?
Ammo packs

From now on server will save your ammo packs! You can use them anytime later.

Ammo packs are limited to 2000, and are saved for players for one month. If you will not join server more when 1 month, you will loose your ammo.

Let us know if you will find any bugs.
New payment methods

As we got many request to enable more payment methods, today we are introducing them.
In vip system you can now find bank transfer, credit cards, webmoney ant other payment methods.

Super admins now can Unban

as i not always cant be online and delete wrong bans, i made ability for superadmins to unban any player.

Superadmin you will find unban section in your vip system.

Good luck!
News server! Zombie + GunXP!

today new server was started. Server is running Zombie Plague + GunXP mod.

Server ip:
Chek it out!

Server is in beta stage, so if you will find some mistakes. please let us know.

One more thing, your VIP/admin privileges will be active on this server too!
Rank restart
Hello, today ranks where restarted.

As allways top3 players will get free admin/vip.
Please contact me via Pm to collect your VIP.

Good luck in School!

Super admins

As many of you had noticed, server these weeks was kind a mess. So i decided to take some good players for super admins privileges.
These users will be able to make warnings to other admin abusing their privileges.

Requirements for admins are:

* Active vip/admin privileges.
* Big online time.
* At least 16 years old.
* Speak English or Russian languages.

If you want to become super admin, please leave here following info:

Your nickname:
Your age:
Your online time:
Your country:
Motivation text why you want became super admin:

First candidate selected: |NaKaMa|messifan
Second candidate selected: AvB
Third candidate selected: HunTer | ~ Lazy. changed nick to Alpha^ | fsychii
Fourth candidate selected: Alpha^ | Ex

Super admin contest over. We will leave 4 admins so far.
ADMIN Privileges are NOW available!
Hi everyone!

I have good news. Today vip system has been updated, and now supports admin privileges.

It is working like this:
1. You order vip privileges.
2. Pay for it.
3. Switch to admin/vip privileges in control panel.

Let us know if you find some mistakes.

Good luck!
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16/08/2017 16:47
Hmm Flame plzz U Can open Server

16/08/2017 11:52
What u fb

14/08/2017 12:57

Gun XP
13/08/2017 11:32
ly4ly4 contct me in fb

Gun XP
13/08/2017 11:32
contct me

12/08/2017 18:01
You can find its plugins on

12/08/2017 13:37
I Forgot too. Gun XP can someone tell me the gun xp gun and all. pls pm me

12/08/2017 13:36
Hello guys i have good news Today.I was make server Zombie plague 24/7 with same and i fix some lag and i will give free VIP iam still working to make the server so just wait. maybe in 21/9/17 will co

10/08/2017 12:51

10/08/2017 12:51
The sarcasm you get The spicy you are

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